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A cutting-edge, multi-dimensional wound healing solution

Phoenix Wound Matrix is a 3D electrospun synthetic polymer matrix designed to improve wound healing outcomes by addressing chronicity and persistent inflammation.

Scientifically engineered to mimic native extracellular matrix (ECM) morphology providing a multi-dimensional, microporous scaffold stimulus to facilitate natural cellular adhesion, infiltration and proliferation.
Comprised of polymers which naturally biodegrade to α-hydroxy acids and fatty acid, PHOENIX Wound Matrix acts as a protective barrier to quickly inspire a pro-healing wound environment.
Supports low pH and lactate expression that address chronicity and persistent inflammation to accelerate the wound healing process of acute and chronic wounds, and burns1-3.



Nanofiber Solutions, LLC is a regenerative medicine company developing a new class of implants with unrivaled performance for the $20B soft tissue/organ repair/regeneration market. NFS’s technology is used to build off-the-shelf scaffolds that are critical in the development of life-saving and life-changing, tissue engineered implants. Their extensive experience working with researchers using their scaffolds in cell culture plates has given them novel insight into the behavior of adherent cells with these scaffolds. Using this knowledge NFS engineers their regenerative medicine products to meet the complex clinical requirements.