RenovoDerm® is building an advanced line of wound care products that enhance tissue regeneration and promote rapid and definitive wound healing.*

Our wound care devices:

  • Closely mimic the in vivo extracellular matrix (ECM) structure
  • Accelerate the body's healing response
  • May enhance overall cosmesis
  • Facilitate tissue growth and regeneration
  • May reduce scar formation 

A GLP pig study demonstrated the product’s ability to completely heal full-thickness dermal wounds. During case studies in the veterinary market, the Phoenix Wound Matrix® has even stimulated regeneration of sweat glands and hair follicles, which are vital to healthy skin anatomy and physiology.

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The Problems

  • Despite the many wound treatment products available, scarring and wound closure continue to be significant problems amongst acute wounds, chronic wounds,
    and burns. 
  • Scarring can cause unpleasant symptoms and can
    be aesthetically distressing to patients. 
  • Care for chronic wounds reportedly cost between 2% to 3% of the healthcare budget in developed countries, this causes significant reductions in the quality of life for those affected, and often have serious sequelae such as limb amputations or premature deaths.

Our Technology*

  • Achieves faster, more reliable wound closure rates than competitive products.
  • Provides a critical prerequisite for successful tissue regeneration, a structure designed to physiologically mimic the ECM.
  • Decreases scar formation by optimizing in situ tissue regeneration and by mitigating the inflammatory response.
  • Specific to patients’ needs, can be used in combination with active substances to further promote tissue regeneration, e.g., anti-microbials, stem cells, etc. 

*All claims supported by Good Lab Practice (GLP)
porcine animal study and veterinary case studies.